Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Well, think i'm starting to get the hang of this. Going to post some of my work. Very excited about some upcoming events, like Château De Fleur's, and selling more of my clothing. Been very busy juggling work (Hair, Day Spa,filling clothing orders) taking care of kids and house. luckily my kids have been helping a lot with the house( doing dishes, keeping their rooms clean and doing there own laundry- well mostly anyway LOL). Would love to one day be a vendor at Château De Fleur's and Glitterfest! something to works towards anyway :D Happy crafting!


  1. Am I the first comment? Hope so... going to follow too. If you have any blog problems, I just started mine too and have worked out the bugs. Let me know if I can help. I learned how to put in a text box with a link back to my page the other day !! woot... just wanted to say that I found those rose bushes at my local nursery. They are called Fourth of July. You can prob order one at a nursery near you next spring. I already have a list for next spring! Hope you love blogging.. I'll be back.. come back over for a visit ! Jules ♥

  2. You are, hahaha .... All I can say is, Yay!!! Silly to get excited over this, I know. Hard not to. Blogging is new to me so could use any tips you may have. love your blogsite by the way, and sigh your kitchen :D