Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July Decorations

This is the first year that I was inspired to decorate for the 4th. It may sound like I'm not very patriotic , but I can assure you that I am. I love our country and respect all of the soldiers (Past, present, future) who have protected our borders, and made our country what is today- Great! That being said , here are some pics of what was done this year, hopefully the first of many years to come :)
This last Saturday 7-9-11 ,  it was my greatest honor to meet a person whom I admire and respect a lot- David Tutera!!! He is so kind and down to earth, my friend asked his assistant if he would take a picture with me she said to go get me and she would get David. He was wonderful, it was ironic because I was working and he had been standing next to me All Day, but I didn't want to bother him since he was working too-LOL. He asked me why didn't you say anything??? I responded by saying I respect him and know people must come up to him a lot, so i wanted to give him his space. He said I shouldn't be so shy ,hahaha. I think he is one of The Classiest celebrities that I have ever met <3

Birthday Vacay

Finally, I pinned down one of my kids to help upload photos from my digital camera. They are after all computer geniuses/teenagers!!! All joking aside , Robert (my other half) took me to Paso Robles,Solvang and Santa Barbara for my (Sigh) 39th birthday. Had so much fun with him wine tasting (not spitting, lol) and it was much needed. This was the first vacation without the kids, and it was weird!!! I am almost an empty nester, have one left at home. He's a junior in H.S. and it was nice but found myself missing them a lot!!! Here are the pics of our trip. :)