Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday Vacay

Finally, I pinned down one of my kids to help upload photos from my digital camera. They are after all computer geniuses/teenagers!!! All joking aside , Robert (my other half) took me to Paso Robles,Solvang and Santa Barbara for my (Sigh) 39th birthday. Had so much fun with him wine tasting (not spitting, lol) and it was much needed. This was the first vacation without the kids, and it was weird!!! I am almost an empty nester, have one left at home. He's a junior in H.S. and it was nice but found myself missing them a lot!!! Here are the pics of our trip. :)

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  1. Just wanted to add, since I've been back have been on a mission- to make my garden look like Solvang . Been planting every weekend! Drove down to Fallbrook for Le Chateau De Fluers and lo and behold what's next door???? A nursery!!! Picked up some AMAZING English roses and a striped rose too, will post picks soon ;)