Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adding cool backgrounds

Okay, I have been trying to add a new background to my blog for a few days now. Came across "Cute 'n' Cool " Backgrounds by Itkupilli. You need to check out her site! Haven't been able to add the background I chose though- bummer. Will keep trying. Also tried to add a slideshow and that didn't work, even went so far as to recruit my teenage children for help, to no avail. Just wanted to say that you need to stop by Tales from an O.C. Cottage and Artful Affirmations, these ladies are so creative ( One is so Funny, she will put a smile n your face).
Also came across one that really touched my heart, it's called Gus and Lula. This one is wonderful in so many ways, you'll see if you visit.

Really excited because today is The Day that I am going to buy (Trumpets playing).....................  a Cricut!!! Yay , been wanting one for sooo long now so have to get going and get ready to get my "Precious" before work!!! Have a great day :)

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