Thursday, September 29, 2011

Handmade Roses


Here are the roses I made all finished! They were dipped in Vintage Silver German glass glitter and the stems have vintage sheet music and seam binding. Put these in my space at the shop. Hope you like them :)


  1. Cute Idea, i just used glitter on some snowman heads and geez I am still sparkling!!!


  2. Carol, you're THE Bomb!!! Seriously,you rock girl,can't thank you enough.....

  3. Kristie, These are FabUlous!!!

    Loved my stroll through your blog and am now following~really how could I not! "Princess Cupcake" ~I was aunt cupcake for years and adore cupcakes!! and anything about a cupcake and anything it stands for :*~:*~:*~Adore the other "flowers" too, maybe you could tell me about them?:*~:*~:*~:*~


  4. Thanks Wendy!!! What a compliment, so happy you like these. How ironic that you were "Aunt cupcake" , what are the odds of that?If you send me your email I will answer whatever questions you have :)

  5. I love roses. I like the size of these ones. What a great idea to use music paper on the stems. These are beautiful.

  6. Thank you Sue, glad you like these. Also made some for Fall and Halloween the stems had pages from the book "Emma" by Jane Austin. :)