Friday, November 18, 2011

Diaper cake for Baby Brother and his Wife

My liitle brother and his wife had a baby shower. Since he is so special and she is too, really wanted to go all out for them and their expected daughter. So after many trips to the store, mostly to buy more diapers LOL. Also bought some blankets that looked cute in the store, but when I got them home they looked awful. So here's my first attempt at a tutorial, please bear with me and if you have any questions I will do my best to respond quickly.

I used approximately 3 large packages of diapers (newborn and size 1) I did use pampers and luvs. First I rolled the diapers (while they were closed) up and secured with a small clear rubber band (from Sally's Beauty supply). After I rolled all the diapers I put a very large rubber band around a sturdy cardboard tube, Then place some diapers around the tube under rubber band. I made the bottom teir have four rows of diapers. Then proceeded to make 3 more tiers for the cake.

After establishing the tiers I bought two identical blankets for the bottom tier since one blanket wouldn't fit completely around had to play around to get them to fit inside each other and be folded neatly. My son helped by holding the blankets tightly while I wrapped ribbon around to secure. I did use double side tape for this and it was strong enough to hold. I do recommend adding the tape to several parts of the ribbon to prevent it from slipping or moving out of place.

After wrapping all the tiers I did take out some diapers so I could fit various items into the cake such as bottles, brushes etc. Use your imagination for this. Then proceeded to make the washcloth flowers, snails , Daisy's etc. went online to find ideas and used double sided tape and clear rubber bands to make these. No sewing involved, this way they can take the cake apart and use it. Didn't want to make a giant dust collector.
This was then placed on a very pretty cake stand, thought they could use the stand for her first birthday . I transported it by simply using a seat belt on the bottom tier and drove an hour and a half to the shower without any problems.
I hope you are inspired to be creative and make something beautiful for your next baby shower. Enjoy!


  1. OMG, that is the cutest thing every!!


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  3. Thank you Winda, gonna check out your blog. I love fashion so I'm really looking forward to seeing your work! :0)

  4. Carol, thank you! This was definitely a "Labor of Love" hahahaha.......