Monday, June 20, 2011

Gifts for my friends

Made some little presents for my friends last week when we got together for a much needed "Girls day!' Had a blast, have to do this again real soon!

Berry Trifle for my girls

Made this for Brunch for my GF's  We had so much fun last Friday, by the way this is Sinful ( but worth it!)

The Chic Boutique

So excited, during my shopping excursion/crawl went and checked out a new Antique store up here (just to see what goodies they had) . I noticed they had already expanded to most of the mini shopping center, well, long story short - Michelle (Owner) offered me a space in her store.............YAY!!!! So thrilled and going to be putting some of my things in her store in August! (:^D This is such a blessing and  will keep all of my millions of followers posted on my latest venture...... hahahaha

:pastry studio: Gâteau Basque

Just wanted to say you need to head over to this site, it's amazing!!! Going to be making this ASAP, hmmm..... maybe for a BBQ or the upcoming "Tea Party/Brunch" .  Never made a Gateau before, what the heck sure it will be a hit :)

:pastry studio: Gâteau Basque

:pastry studio: Gâteau Basque: "Primavera! Spring is here! And although I am thrilled to welcome this gorgeous season, the bounty of lovely spring fruit that brings us s..."

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adding cool backgrounds

Okay, I have been trying to add a new background to my blog for a few days now. Came across "Cute 'n' Cool " Backgrounds by Itkupilli. You need to check out her site! Haven't been able to add the background I chose though- bummer. Will keep trying. Also tried to add a slideshow and that didn't work, even went so far as to recruit my teenage children for help, to no avail. Just wanted to say that you need to stop by Tales from an O.C. Cottage and Artful Affirmations, these ladies are so creative ( One is so Funny, she will put a smile n your face).
Also came across one that really touched my heart, it's called Gus and Lula. This one is wonderful in so many ways, you'll see if you visit.

Really excited because today is The Day that I am going to buy (Trumpets playing).....................  a Cricut!!! Yay , been wanting one for sooo long now so have to get going and get ready to get my "Precious" before work!!! Have a great day :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Fan of Italian Greyhounds

Was checking out some new blogsites and came across Bella's Rose Cottage, became a follower she has such great ideas! Well, when I was exploring all the cute things she has posted came across her sweet little Italian Greyhound and just had to post this. Have two IG's ,Hunter and Favorite Princess sweetheart (Aka "Bella) and a beautiful big Greyhound, Tiny. These dogs are my babies especially since my "Babies" are all so big now, LOL!!!

Bellas Rose Cottage: Around The Garden...

Bellas Rose Cottage: Around The Garden...: "The good news is... I am not gonna talk about the rain today! Because we are having some beautiful weather :-) Come on... we'll go look ar..."
Had the best weekend, went to Château De Fleur's on Saturday. Got to meet the local artists and buy some wonderful things!!! But the icing on the cake was the nursery right across the street that had English roses and a rose called "Peppermint-splash". Big sigh...... Went to Paso Robles last Sunday, then stayed in Solvang and visited the mission at Santa Barbara. Finally came home and then decided that my planter beds had to look like the ones in Solvang, hahahaha........ I promise this week I will post some pictures, if only i could figure out how? Lol ;D